Reference Material Producer ISO 17034

Reference Material Producer Accreditation (RMP) is conducted through the utilization and implementation of ISO 17034 General requirements standard to assess the competence of reference material producers. This incorporates the RMP(s) ability to withhold a quality management system and ability to competently carry out the production of reference materials (i.e. competent staff, subcontractors, equipment, production, packaging, reporting, data evaluation, stability, homogeneity, uncertainty, distribution).

Why become Accredited?

  • Demonstrate competence in the production of reference materials
  • Promote compliance to international standards
  • Reduce potential costs to your organization
  • Increase your ability to produce reliable results
  • Gain a competitive market advantage

About the Accreditation Process

PJLA will conduct a full accreditation assessment of your organization that will encompass quality management system activities and technical requirements. This accreditation process includes a preliminary and post assessment documentation review. A certificate will be granted upon the successful completion of the assessment. Organizations will be required to be assessed on an annual basis to ensure maintenance of your accreditation program.

Why Choose PJLA to Conduct your Accreditation?

PJLA has experience in the accreditation market. We offer competitive pricing plans that fit the needs of our customers. Our goal is to accommodate our customer’s needs in regard to costs, technical assistance and accreditation timelines.

Apply for ISO 17034 Accreditation

Organizations seeking ISO 17034 Accreditation may apply online through our easy quote request form.

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