Perry Johnson Laboratory Accreditation, Inc.

Perry Johnson Laboratory Accreditation, Inc. (PJLA) is a private organization based in the United States, offering third-party accreditation services globally, for testing and calibration laboratories, inspection bodies, reference material producers and sampling organizations. We are absolutely committed to meeting and exceeding the requirements and expectations of our clients in terms of the quality of the services we provide. We are a fully recognized accreditation body by the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC) and by the Asia Pacific Accreditation Cooperation (APAC) for our accreditation services. Accreditations issued by ILAC MRA signatories are recognized globally under the framework of ILAC. In the United Kingdom, PJLA is not the designated National Accreditation Body (NAB) by the UK government in accordance with EC Regulation 765/2008. Accreditation services requiring recognition under certain regulatory schemes may require accreditation services of the designated NAB.

What Our Clients Are Saying


Newly Accredited Labs

 I believe strongly in the importance of testing for the cannabis industry and the importance for ISO 17025 accreditation. Working with Perry Johnson has been an excellent experience, as they held us to the Standard and guided us to becoming a better organization.  Their continued support has been invaluable to our business and have given us credibility in an uncertain market.

Christopher J. Hudalla, Ph.D.
ProVerde Laboratories

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