PJLA Documents

Perry Johnson Laboratory Accreditation, Inc. (PJLA) documents including: checklists, policies, procedures and work instructions.

PJLA Documents

Applications for Accreditation



  • PJLA Proficiency Testing Plan LF-81
  • Traceability Acceptance Criteria Form LF-123


  • Proficiency Testing Requirements for Applicant and Accredited Laboratories PL-1
  • Policy On Measurement Traceability PL-2
  • Policy on Measurement Uncertainty for Calibration and Testing Laboratories PL-3
  • Policy on Calibration Scopes of Accreditation PL-4


  • Accreditation Procedure – General – SOP-1 General
  • Accreditation Procedure – DoD ELAP – SOP-1 DoD ELAP
  • Accreditation Procedure – EPA NLLAP – SOP-1 EPA NLLAP
  • Accreditation Procedure – FCC – SOP-1 FCC
  • Accreditation Procedure – Inspection Bodies – SOP-1 Inspection Bodies
  • Accreditation Procedure – Medical – SOP-1 Medical
  • Accreditation Procedure – MP – SOP-1 MP
  • Accreditation Procedure – TNI EL – SOP-1 TNI EL
  • Accreditation Procedure – TNI NEFAP – SOP-1 TNI NEFAP
  • The FDA Accreditation Scheme for Conformity Assessment Program (ASCA) – SOP-1 FDA ASCA
  • Proficiency Test Provider (PTP) Accreditation Procedure – SOP-1-PTP
  • The California Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (CA ELAP) Accreditation Procedure – SOP-1-CA-ELAP
  • Appeal Procedure SOP-10
  • Complaint Procedure SOP-9
  • Use of Accreditation Claims and Symbols SOP-3
  • Suspension, Withdrawl or Reduction of Accreditation SOP-11

Work Instructions

  • Work Instructions for Setting Up Scope of Accreditation Testing WI-8
  • Work Instructions for Inspection Scopes of Accreditation WI-9